9 Signs You Are A Working Mother Addicted To Caffeine


I have a sign in my office that says:

 “Keep Calm and Drink More Coffee; Get Stuff Done”

I love this saying, it speaks to me. After all, I am a working mother.

I love caffeine. It is the official sponsor of working motherhood. Specifically, I am addicted to coffee and diet sodas. On most work days, I am up around 5:30 a.m. and will often pound coffee straight through lunch. For the afternoon, I switch to diet soda. This has been my routine, and no, I DON’T think it is habit forming.

I just need it every day or I can’t function.

I saw my doctor last week for my annual well check (by the way, all of you PWM’s should make time to do this). She asked me all the usual questions and we ended up talking about caffeine. It went like this:

Jennifer, I really think you should limit your caffeine intake to not more than 2 cups a day.” The wicked woman with the medical degree said.

Absolutely. Not a problem.” I responded in my most confident business voice. When she left the room to order my bloodwork, I quickly mapped out a route to the nearest Starbucks. All this talk about caffeine really made me crave a cup of coffee.

Settle down, I only ordered a ‘tall’.

All kidding aside, I am a work in progress and taking baby steps to get healthier. Curbing my caffeine intake has been particularly hard to do without going completely insane. Is this sounding familiar?

PWMs, here are the top 9 signs that you are addicted to caffeine:

1. Before you begin the “Monday morning shuffle” you look like this:

 coffee morning


2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For you, it looks like this:


3. This looks beautiful to you:

Source: Hdgif


4. As you drive all over (home to school or daycare drop, school drop to work, work to school pick up, school pick up to evening activities, evening activities to home), your car looks like this:

coffee car


 5. You don’t think twice spending $4.50 every day on this:

Source: nava64.tumblr.com


6. At work, your desk looks like this (no judgement, so does mine):

coffee desk

 7. Some days, there is no time to get a cup:

Source: mctalkco.tumblr.com


8. You wouldn’t mind working with this guy, as long as he shared:


Source: coffee archives


9. You conduct your own research (through Google) and learn that it is good for you.  You knew it all along.

coffee vitamin


PWM’s…if you are looking for a great coffee maker, check out the  Keurig B60, a great machine! I couldn’t live without it. Serious.

Click here for Keurig B60

top photo credit: jimforest via photopin cc

Why Girlfriends Are Better Than Husbands


Don’t get me wrong, husbands (and partners) are great. We love them and they have their place in our lives. But don’t ever forget your girlfriends and how crucial they are to your success (and survival). Here is our latest Top 10 list~

Why Girlfriends Are Better Than Husbands:

1. It is more fun to play “My Husband Is Dumber Than Your Husband” with your girlfriends (husbands don’t find it as funny). You know this game. It is where you sit around with your girlfriends, preferably with a glass of wine, and complain about the latest dumb-ass thing your husband said or did.

2. As girlfriends, we are all in this together. There is something about the experience of having children (and surviving) that my husband just doesn’t get. Husband’s don’t get as big as a house when pregnant, they didn’t poop on the table while giving birth (true story), they didn’t have to breastfeed in public. WE are the ones that got up every two hours to feed the baby, WE are the ones that struggle with our decisions regarding work (to work or not to work or work from home). WE are all part of the same club. The “Mommy Club”.

Note to self: Still need to come up with that secret handshake.

3. A girlfriend understands that you just want to sleep alone. All nightWithout being disturbed by poke, poke, poke. (Yep, it is exactly what you think).

4. Girlfriends won’t cheat on you or divorce you.

5. A girlfriend actually cares if you are sick or not feeling well. They understand the implications. When a working mother is sick, we have a house full of people that don’t care but still want dinner and clean laundry. Working mothers also have a boss that doesn’t care if you are sick and still wants you to work on time.

6. Girlfriends are the only ones in this world that will tell you if those jeans make your ass look huge.

7. Girlfriends are easy to communicate with because they speak ENGLISH. Most husbands communicate in a language called Huuuhhhnnmmmm?

8. Two words: Chick flicks.

9. A good girlfriend will drive an hour out of the way to get a milkshake with you at that one spot you have been craving all week (because you are both on your periods at the same time…twinsies).

10. Your girlfriends will probably outlive your husband, so make sure you pick some great ones!

Proud Working Mom Girls Getaway!

Newport BeachWhen was the last time you went away with your girlfriends? If the answer is NEVER, then I want you to listen carefully ~ You must do this. PWM, we work hard at everything we do. We are mothers, wives, co-workers, short order cooks, laundry cleaners, enforcers, and everything in between. Sometimes our female friendships get sent to the bottom of the to-do list.

Last weekend, PWM went away for a girls getaway. And by that, I mean that Jennifer, her sister and I went to Newport Beach, California. It was not fancy or elaborate. The fact that all three of us made a commitment to get away for the weekend was a big deal.

In order of importance; we got to day drink, we enjoyed two uninterrupted nights of sleep, we got to talk to each other without being interrupted, and we got to eat wherever we wanted to without anyone saying eeeeewwww. After a three hour walk on the beach (something we could’ve never done with kids and husbands), we all felt like new.

And now I am writing about it to try and convince you, right here, right now, to call up some girlfriends and book a weekend with them today. Whether it is a fancy trip or a drive to a cool hotel for a night, make the commitment to those important women in your life and take some time to really catch up.

PWM tips for booking a successful girls weekend:

  • Make sure everyone is comfortable with day drinking.
  • Cursing is allowed (and preferred).
  • Make sure everyone is comfortable with night drinking.
  • Select girlfriends carefully, it should be a no-drama zone.
  • Do NOT invite that friend who is a gigantic mooch. That sucks.
  • All invitees should leave their hoochie-mama clothes* at home (*read stilettos and dresses that barely cover your vagina), it’s not that kind of party.
  • No diets allowed. Don’t be that girl.
  • Make sure that the destination you choose is far enough away from your house so you can’t be called back by your husband when your youngest starts throwing up (and someone will get sick when you are away).

Next year, we have vowed to do it again. The only difference is that we are opening it up to all of YOU! Lets plan on meeting next year (destination to be announced) and have a few days of fun and relaxation. Now, where should we meet?


10 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Girlfriends

shutterstock_170343782As women, we all have friends who are girls. Growing up, these female relationships are important. When you become a mother, whether you are working or not, these female relationships become critical!

I am lucky to have lived several places and have girlfriends all over the country that I consider very important to my daily survival. Some have been friends since childhood and have endured my tumultuous path. Others I have met more recently and help me navigate the path of working motherhood.

I know one thing for certain: Without these girlfriends (and you all know who you are), I would be sunk. I would be in the fetal position under my bed, crying my eyes out because I just can’t take another minute of it. You know, ‘it’. I mean working, working with kids, motherhood, marriage, families, kids, sports and kids, and all the other things that we deal with everyday.

This week on PWM, we are talking about our girlfriends. Here are the 10 Reasons I Am Thankful For My Girlfriends:

1. I am thankful that my girlfriends will listen to my crazy ideas. I can always bounce an idea off my girlfriends to make sure it passes the “crazy bitch” test. Sometimes, in my head, an idea sound good but the minute I say it out loud, I sound like a crazy bitch!

2. I am thankful that my girlfriends will always support my purchase of shoes or handbags.

3. After a fight with my husband, a good girlfriend will NEVER take his side (even if occasionally he is right and I was being a crazy bitch).

4. I am thankful that when I am ready to give up, when I am having a rotten day, my girlfriend will meet me for lunch or a drink, just to cheer me up. On days when we can’t get away, a simple text sure does help.

5. When I am having a great day, a good girlfriend will help you ride the wave.

6. I am thankful that when one of my girlfriends comes to visit my house, they don’t judge me if there is crotch-up underwear on the floor.

7. When I don’t feel like cooking, I am thankful that my girlfriend is a phone call away and will support drive-thru Taco Bell for dinner.

8. I am thankful for my girlfriends that live near me. They will offer to help me even if it is not convenient for them to do so.

9. I am thankful that my girlfriend will not judge me as a parent if my 6 year-old drops an F-bomb in her car. True story.

10. When I am drowning, a good girlfriend will point out the positives, like how many extra calories I am burning while treading water.


Working Moms, Time Is Short


Two weeks ago, I was sitting in a management meeting and noticed my left hand was shaking. It was just a little tremor and I originally thought it was the result of too much coffee (the working mother’s drug of choice). As the day progressed, the shaking got worse. I knew something was wrong. After a series of doctors visits, I found myself at a local hospital earlier this week, getting a variety of tests done. The purpose of all the testing is to rule out scary possibilities, narrow down the cause, and develop an action plan. My normal routine of kids and work has been thrown off completely. And most importantly, so has my perspective. Today is a day when you realize that YOUR time, the time you spend on things, is not infinite.

Not for me and not for you.

As working mothers, we always seem to dwell on the fact that there never is enough time. As I sat in the hospital, I had an epiphany:

It isn’t really that we don’t have enough time, it is that we are often focused on the wrong things. 

And when I say this, I don’t mean we shouldn’t focus on work or home. Quite the opposite. I just mean that we should focus on the RIGHT things at work and the RIGHT things at home. We should focus on things that move us forward at work and not spend time on office gossip. At home, we should spend more time with our children and less time watching television. 

A co-worker of mine sent this video around the office last week.  Sitting in the hospital earlier this week made me remember it and I wanted to share it with you, fellow Proud Working Mom.


Just like the video says, the day will come when we wish we could have this time back. Watch this video enough times and it could change the way you think about your life. I have watched it half a dozen times. My view is changing.

My health scare and this video have prompted me to ask myself new questions. Instead of asking myself  “What am I going to do today?”, I will now ask “Do I NEED to do that? Is it a wise use of my time?” I want you all to start asking yourselves those questions.

Remember PWM, time is short.

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